september light

before autumn becomes her darker self, she reels us in with the most heavenly light imaginable. this light is clear, yet soft at the same time — a beautiful contradiction.

all images made with a rolleicord III, and fuji reala 100 film.

12 thoughts on “september light

  1. i love how the images transition throughout, nicely arranged πŸ™‚ and you’re the rolleicord queen. my photo lab has a rollei in the window display and every time i see it i think of you!

    • ha! that’s great. love it. i hate to think of it all alone in that shop window though!

      i’m trying to eventually become a rolleiflex automat queen, but i have to save up my money first. xx

  2. Gorgeous, as usual! I can just imagine you alone in the woods – looking for the sweet light, kneeling on the ground and giggling with glee when you get the shot! πŸ™‚ Love that swirly bokeh in the 4th shot!

    Also, do you send film/scans out for printing? If so, any recommendations?

    • just prints! i send my film to dwayne’s usually, or the local photo place where i live. dwayne’s is cheaper but the local place is faster. sometimes i get impatient πŸ™‚

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