the beauty of neopan

fuji neopan 400 has been rawking my socks off, lately. can’t get enough of this film. my friend jesse described it perfectly when he said it was like a charcoal drawing.

sometimes when i see what film can do, it makes me wonder why i even own a digital camera.

to see more from this roll, along with a lot of other film fun, head on over to the every second sunday blog:

4 thoughts on “the beauty of neopan

  1. it really looks like a charcoal drawing 🙂
    i´m loving film so much lately too, but i think both methods are good, there are just moments when film looks better and others when digital does.

    hope you post more results of your fuji neopan!

    have a nice day!

    stella x

    • thank you! i’m not downplaying digital photography by any means. the feel of film is just entirely different sometimes – the things it’s capable of from film to film. and i love that i don’t have to edit a photo to look the way i want, because it’s already a finished product after i get it developed, you know?

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