as quickly as it began

the vivid richness of autumn is already fading round these parts, thanks to hurricane sandy. but there are still remnants left; burnished bits of fall still clinging to a few select trees. the dark browns and golds of dying leaves make a beautiful carpet on the ground, too. as much as i love the colours when they’re at their peak, i also love the darker, deeper side of fall. i’m excited to capture it this year – especially since i just purchased a new (to me) film camera – the mamiya c330. the thing is a beast but i can’t wait to get to know her. yes, she’s a her. molly 🙂

some people write journals, recording their days with paper & ink. mine is more of a visual diary.

mixture of film & digital.

rolleicord III, canon 5d.


8 thoughts on “as quickly as it began

  1. I’ve never been a fan of these short dark days but you are winning me over! These are gorgeous. Excited to see what magic you will create with Molly 🙂

  2. siggghhhh. so gorgeous, all of them. i do like the moodier autumn days too. congrats on the new baby! i hope max isn’t too jealous. i’m so excited to see the magic you’ll make together 🙂

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