costa rica

this is going to be a photo-heavy post (fair warning). a few of these photos have already been featured in a blog post or two – but i decided to showcase them again if i really loved them.

costa rica has it all, guys. literally. you want mountains, cliffs, rolling hills and farmland? they’ve got it. artsy mountain villages tucked away beneath a canopy of virgin rainforest, where you can either disappear and assimilate into life with the locals, or develop bonds with other expats to the point of having cookouts and meeting up at local bars with them every friday night? you can have either of those options, too. or maybe even a balance of both. and let’s not forget about the beaches. the pacific beaches remind me more of california, with mountains meeting the sea and beautiful bays drawing you in at every turn, while the caribbean side of costa rica is more, well, caribbean. wonderfully clear blue water. coconut milk infused food. rondon, a spicy, coconut-y seafood stew, was a favorite of ours. i could go on, but you get the point. options are limitless. there’s something for everyone. i urge you to go, go, go.

and if you’re lucky, like me, maybe your second day in the land of pura vida will involve you driving down winding mountain roads a little ways outside of san jose, with the sweet, heady scent of fresh pineapple from nearby trees assailing your senses, leaving you wondering how life could ever get any better.










our ride during our three week excursion. buster (boo-stayr for the spanish pronunciation), our lovable piece of shit.







this guy._MG_4810











spent a day on the kekoldi indigenous reserve roasting cocoa beans and eating some delicious food.






puerto viejo at sunset is lovely.



i could post more, but this is at least a brief overview of our trip highlights.

most of these are digital, but there are a few film images also thrown in. (canon ae-1)


8 thoughts on “costa rica

  1. um, holy f#%@! these are gorgeous all, but that first photo and the one with the birds taking off. wow.

  2. man, these photographs are stunning… for some reason it makes me want to go back to peru… although the beaches are super different…. this post is simply gorgeous.

  3. Please don’t ever apologize for posting too many pictures. These are gorgeous, Sarah. I can’t even tell which are digital and which are film – beautiful.

  4. Oh my goodness, this makes me want to go back to Costa Rica so bad!
    Beautiful photos. I would have looked at mounds more of them, there’s never too many. 🙂

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